A Little Background….

A Spitfire surrounded by crew

What was the Battle of Britain? On September 1, 1939 the Germans invaded Poland, launching WW2. For six months after war was declared, not much really happened. The Allies stared across the lines at the Germans in what has been called the Phoney War. Then suddenly, in April 1940, the Germans invaded Denmark and Norway.

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The Scramble

To succeed under pressure we have to trust. Every day brings the same routine for the Royal Air Force’s pilots. Wait. Stare at magazines, but never turn the pages. Watch the hands twitch around the clock face. As the morning wears on the pilots think, “It’s almost too late, the Germans won’t be coming.”

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The Mahogany Bomber

Are we leading our teams from behind our desks? Squadron Leader Don MacDonell’s pilots had a thirty minute release. The weather was deteriorating and Group command didn’t want them sitting in their planes waiting for the skies to clear. The Germans wouldn’t fly in this weather. With the grey clouds scudding across the hills, they’d never […]

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