About Your Finest Hour

Your Finest Hour

Your Finest Hour is the collision of my obsessions with history and leadership.  I feel that history does not repeat itself, but it’s challenges do. The problems we face today are not new, and through a deliberate study of history we can learn how to deal with them.  I do not have a “4 step system” or a gimmick “leadership methodology” to sell you.  Instead, I have found through my study of history that there are timeless, immutable characteristics that all effective leaders devote themselves to.   Words that are not used much anymore.

Words like couragehumilitytrusthonestygraceintegrity, and legacy.

So contact me if you or your team is ready to explore these old words.  I offer coaching, seminars, and workshops.

Justin Omps

Justin OmpsJustin Omps is a leadership and management consultant focused on improving employee engagement. He has worked as a Project Manager and leader for over 15 years in Government, Information Technology, Education, and Product Development. Some of his clients include: Department of State, Department of Justice, US Census, US Courts, and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Justin is also a devoted student of history. His recent interest in the Battle of Britain has led to thousands of hours of research into original documentation at Britain’s National Archives and interviews with RAF veterans. Insights from his research combined with his leadership experience led to the development of this program.

Please contact Justin directly at:

Email: justin@beyourfinest.com

LinkedIn: http://lnkd.in/dt5ycVi